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Fearless - Jahna Sebastian (Official Music Video)  


directed & edited by Alex Riley 
filmed at Matthew's Yard and other parts of Croydon 
written, recorded, produced, performed, arranged and mixed by Jahna Sebastian 
Multivizion Music 

jewellery by Biblos Glasgow 
white outfit by HellavaGIRL 

Matthew's Yard

"LOVE OVER HATE" Official Music Video 

Directed & Edited by Kevin Hudson
written, produced, recorded, performed, arranged and mixed by Jahna Sebastian at Multivizion Music

The video stars Jahna Sebastian, Susy Payne, Manal El-Feituri, Gus Allieu, Dimitri Jordan and M.E.M Gym Boys (Mentor Educate Motivate). Glamrocks London provided the jewelry for the ladies to wear during the shoot.